Hardwood Vs. Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate Flooring

What’s not to love about a firm layer of flooring? Both laminate and hardwood may offer this benefit, but there are of course differences in their finish, quality and overall feel.

You will typically find hardwood flooring in more traditionally built and designed properties whereas laminate makes an appearance in the newer property market. Either way, there are pros and cons in whichever you chose, so it’s always worth considering all the features before committing to your flooring investment.

Strong & Quality Floors

Of course, it is usually the logical choice to go for the more durable choice of hard flooring, making it easier to care for your floor, and maximising its life-span.

On this basis, you may initially believe that hardwood is by far the best route, but it is important to remember that such surface types may be more open to scratches and scuffs, and can also become vulnerable in areas which are open to excess traffic and moisture. Having said this, Hardwood is an absolute dream in most home designs, and is highly likely to increase appeal and value to any property.

Laminate flooring is purposely designed to be robust, with scratch and moisture resistant features, and is therefore a wise consideration in busy areas, particularly if you have pets and young Children running your household. The downside of laminate in comparison to hardwood is that it is a little less appealing to the eye, however, laminate continues to appeal to most for its ability to replicate some of the visual features hardwood produces, and for its added longevity and easy maintenance.

Longevity of your flooring

You should always take safe care of your flooring to maximise its life. There’s no doubt that accidents and wear are going to happen, but a good solid choice of hard floor can make the difference in replacement or renovation.

This is where hardwood can become the front runner. With some neat sanding and a refinish, hardwood can outweigh the benefits of the laminate choice. Although laminate will be easier to clean and keep looking fresh on a temporary basis, a thorough recondition of your hardwood floor will make it look outstanding and good as new. Laminate may also be difficult to repair if it gets chipped or heavily worn, but buying individual pieces and keeping a few spares will save you from disappointment should this happen.

Hardwood does tend to fade due to its natural properties whereas laminates tend to be UV protected so that the whole floor surface maintains a great consistency. It really does come down to your preference in how much effort you are willing to put into keeping your floor looking and feeling fresh.

The best flooring prices

Due to the natural resources Hardwood flooring demands, it will be more expensive than the laminate flooring options available. Laminate flooring on the other hand is a more cost-effective option, and with the quality and visual aspect of laminate floors doing well to replicate hardwood floors, this choice comes down to a budget, and how long you anticipate making use of your flooring investment.

Final note from NS Flooring

We are always on hand to help and assist you with your choice and with over 25 years of experience in the flooring trade, we guarantee that you are in safe hands. Please feel free to contact us with any queries you may have about your flooring choices and we will be more than happy to help.